Monday, June 6, 2011

It has been a week

A whole week since my last update. A lot has happened in the last week.

- I had an interview for a job.
- I then got an offer of employment for said job, of which I accepted.
- I started work (today) and things are looking good.
- I set fire to the oven mitt. No, not on purpose.
- I went to the Natural History Museum, but I was more interested in the guy I was with. Also it was school holidays and there were kids everywhere, so we left early and went to the pub.
- I went to the movies and in comparison it was super expensive at £13! However, X-Men First Class was amazing.
- I went to the 'A Taste of Spain' festival in Regent Street. Got some brochures on parts to travel to, ate some amazing churros and that was it. I was disappointed by the lack of food stalls.
- I went to a party where I only knew two of the hosts but I met some cool people, had a few beers and had a great night.

I finally have a debit card too except no pin number yet. It really does beg the question, how far can security go? It's frustrating. The funny thing is, in the "name of security" I can't even take full photo identification and login details into a branch and just get me a pin. No it must be sent out. The girl on the phone couldn't even tell me if the pin is being sent to my Australian address or my address here. In the meantime, I'm getting slugged with fees and I can't use my Commonwealth Credit Card on some websites (like the O2 phone top-up site) because it requires a netbank sms which of course I can't get because THAT PHONE IS DISCONNECTED.

Anyway the people at my new work are lovely people and I'm sure I'll get on just dandy with them. Looking forward to the next couple of weeks where I will start to really know what I am doing and can start planning some weekend outings. :)

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