Sunday, May 15, 2011


So I am here, in London town, and things are pretty great. But it wasn't without its drama.

The flight from Melbourne to Dubai was forgettable. Stuck in a window seat next to two old (unrelated) people I had a difficult time getting up to stretch. A 14-hour-or-something flight that took an eternity. We only got two meals (contrast to the two meals we got from Dubai to London - approx half the flight time at 7 hours!) and the cramps started to set in. I had an hour at Dubai to walk it out and got to the gate just in time for the connecting flight.

But I am here, and it doesn't feel weird or scary. I just need to get a job, find somewhere to live, etc.

So it begins.


  1. Oh I should also mention that the night was spent listening to Eurovision votes and bagging out all the presenters and the acts. Good times :)

  2. How dare you! I will not have you insult the pure and sacred institution that is Eurovision. lol. Love you and miss you. <3