Sunday, May 29, 2011

Half Settled

I have my own room now and a place to dump all of my stuff.

It's nothing special but it's a place to live. The train station is anywhere from a 17-22 minute walk away depending on many variables such as my energy levels, the wind and the shoes I'm wearing. But it's keeping me fit.

Bought myself my first pair of jeans that fit properly. Typically my jeans are too big around the waist in order to ensure they are long enough in the legs but I found an awesome pair that fit just right. Combined with a new leather jacket and a haircut I'm feeling pretty good!
Okay so to be honest the reason for the nicer clothes (nicer as in 'not a hoodie') is because I went on this date with this guy. Then we caught up the next night and we're seeing each other today as well. This is all before the originally planned "first date" for Tuesday, which is apparently still going ahead. :)

I still haven't done any food shopping, except for absolute basics. I currently have some soy milk (they had sold out of lactose free *sad face*), some muesli, some pasta, pasta sauce and some mushrooms. THAT'S IT.
It still feels a bit weird jumping in this random kitchen when I'm used to "owning" the one at home.

All is good so far. Job interview on Tuesday which I really want/need! Meeting some great new people so things are going ok.

The area I'm in also isn't the best place in the world. For the first two weeks living with my mate I didn't think it was that bad, but since then I've seen a freshly burnt out car, smelled the fumes of another one and seen cop cars galore. It's just like Werribee! But to be honest I'm thinking I'll serve my 6 months at this place and move out when the contract ends, into something nicer as I'm sure I'll be earning enough money by then.

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