Friday, May 20, 2011

The Artefacts of Humans Past

I went to the Museum yesterday. The British Museum. It's actually quite huge, enormous, gargantuan.
So anyway I decided to do the whole tourist thing just to get about London and do something other than job-hunting and house-hunting for a while.

Look, museum's are great, and as far as The British Museum goes it's probably right up there with the best. But let's be honest, there's only so many stone tablets I can look at. It's fantastic that the peoples of long ago thought it would be bitchin' to go recording their thoughts on stone. They were probably the revolutionary bloggers of today. One stone is great, two stones is good, but once you see the 27th one you start to wonder why you still haven't found the exit.

It also didn't sit well with me that I paid almost 3 times more for a bottle of water than I did the previous day at the local convenience store. Lesson learnt.

Anyway that's what I did for half a day. I shall leave you with a picture of a real dead body in a grave. It looks cleaner than the house I looked at today.

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