Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Same Same or Out with the Old...?

Today I have been plagued by what to do on the job front. I have pretty much walked into some Temp work with Ticketmaster, through a recruitment agency, but I guess the problem with that is that it is just temp work and no matter how good you are there's no guarantee of future work.

That's not bad in my opinion. I get here Saturday, make a call on Monday, they bring me in on Tuesday and suddenly "yes we can use you" and I sign my life away. I want a full time job, but who doesn't! So I'm still pouring through job sites, looking for something else. Why Ticketing? It's because it's all that I know, and I'm not half bad at it, and there's the Olympics and how amazing would it be to say that I was part of London 2012!

On the flip side I'm thinking about another dream I have had for a while. I've always wanted to own a pub. So, why not start learning how to run one? I thought I didn't want to do bar work, but upon further thought maybe it's not a bad idea. You can easily have fun and be serious about what you do at the same time. Sure the hours are terrible but I'm not in Melbourne anymore. I keep asking myself if I could work at Walkabout, the Aussie pubs. There would be footy (AFL) and it could be a good change, so maybe I do have it in me.

I guess only time will tell?

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